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I’ve got asian tiger mosquitoes in my yard and they’re active most every day. Will your products work for them? Can I spray during the day and get good results?

Many species of mosquitoes will be active during the day. Though most are nocturnal or night time feeders, there are some that make a living by the light of the sun. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes will start to forage by mid morning and many times will be most active mid day. This is especially true during cloudy or overcast days. Since they prefer the protection of shade, cloudy days allow them to forage most anywhere meaning it’s harder to hide from them in open sunlit areas of the yard.

If your primary concern is the asian tiger mosquito, we recommend treating with the products in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE early in the day. Typically the plants and vegetation will have a lot of moisture and dew which enhances the applications and allows for good transfer and coverage. As the Asian Tiger emerges it will be consumed and you should get great results. Most all of our mosquito products will dry quickly after being applied and all will be equally effective on this species compared to others.