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I have a small yard with grass that seems to have a mosquito problem. I also have an organic garden right along side my yard and don’t want to use any pesticides so close. Do you have anything organic I can spray that won’t be toxic to my garden?

There are now several organic sprays you could use for such an area. The most popular would be the MOSQUITO KILLER RTS. It simply hooks to your garden hose, the turn dial is turned on and the water flowing through the hose will use the compound to treat the grass without you having to mix anything. Mosquito Killer uses Pyrethrin and Soap as the active and is NOP certified and compliant so it’s Ok for use around organic gardens. You should be able to keep any flying pest under control with this material. And be sure to check out our other organic products all of which can be seen at NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL.