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I seem to have mosquitoes taking over my property in the last month. We’ve had more rain than ever and I think they’re breeding somewhere in my yard. What do you you have that I can use to either fog or spray?

Mosquitoes will move into yards where moisture is prevalent and able to to keep them both happy and protected. Shady, damp landscape will suffice since they don’t need a lake or pond to reproduce. Most all such locations can be kept minimized as explained in our MOSQUITOES article and this will really help will local populations so your effort will pay rewards for sure.

Also in our article you will find both MOSQUITOE SPRAY and MOSQUITOE FOGGING solutions. Both are very effective and as a general rule, spraying is best for yards 5,000 sq/ft or less with fogging being the better solution for larger sized properties. Both control methods will work when using the MOSQUITOES PRODUCTS we have listed in the article and if you treat every 2-3 weeks, you’ll be able to keep this pest under control.


I have seen one mosquito in my house for the past week and I think it has been feeding on my kid. She keeps getting these little bites on her arms and legs at night. What can I use inside the home that’s safe? anything organic?

A single mosquito in your house could bite a few times but this would probably only happen over a 1-2 day period. Once it got a blood meal, it would look to reproduce and typically won’t bite over and over for a week or more. I suspect there may be either a source inside the home where they are reproducing already and new ones are currently active. Alternatively, you may have new ones coming inside which is common during the warm summer months.

I suggest you review our online mosquito control article which will list several control options for this persistent pest. The most common product used inside is the aerosol PT-565 which is both highly active on them and safe to use inside. This could be used in vacant rooms every night, as everyone is going to bed, and should kill off the ones that are hatched and active.

An ORGANIC MOSQUITO CONTROL option would be the ORGANIC FLYING INSECT KILLER. This could be used safely where people are active. Though neither aerosol will provide long term control, they would easily take care of any that are flying around the home inside and can provide quick and easy control for the occasional inside nuisance mosquito.


I have an organic garden that is doing well. I don’t spray it with anything but instead have been hand picking off destructive pests. So far this is working but I can’t seem to stop the mosquito population using this method. Do you have anything I can spray around my vegetables that might help? Some kind of organic remedy?

We have several organic sprays that can be used for mosquito problems around your garden. The most effective is the ORGANIC MOSQUITO KILLER RTS . This spray comes in a ready-to-spray container that is simply hooked to your garden hose and ready to work. It’s great for all kinds of landscaping, grass and plants and the only thing I wouldn’t recommend it for would be the vegetables themselves.

For the organic vegetables, use either the GARDEN DEFENSE w/NEEM or the 3 IN ONE CONCENTRATE. Both work well, can be sprayed right on vegetables up to the day of harvest and will work on most any insect including the mosquito. One last option to consider is the HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER. It can be sprayed directly on any plant (organic vegetables too) and will provide quick control of common pests like the mosquito.

More information on how to best use all these products can be seen in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE where other options are explained in great detail. And remember, when done properly none of these treatments pose any danger or risk to people or pets as long as you follow the PRODUCT SAFETY GUIDELINES we have posted.


I have mosquitoes in the yard and have read your article about how we can control them. My yard isn’t that big and I know that mini fogger you mentioned would probably handle it. But is there anything wrong with getting a mosquito fogger that is a bit larger than needed?

Not at all. Any mosquito fogger would help; the larger capacity units we have would enable you to treat faster thus saving time and energy. If you review our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see the MINI FOGGER is in fact a good choice for small yards. But the FM 6309 and FM 6208 can handle the same sized yards as well as our BACK PACK FOGGER. The bottom line is that with smaller yards, there is no need for the big units but they’ll be Ok to use should you choose to invest in one that might seem oversized.


I’m looking for bulk mosquito netting I can purchase so I can cut it for use as screening. We have a screened in porch with odd shaped windows that have useless screens which are letting in every insect imaginable including mosquitoes. I’m hoping you have something that’s a lot tighter I can use. Please send info.

We have a really tight MOSQUITO SCREENING. that can seal out most any insect including most no see ums. Commonly used for custom made screen windows, it will keep out any large insect like a mosquito or even a gnat. No see ums can be tough and if you find they are finding their way inside, get some PERMETHRIN AEROSOL or PERMETHRIN CONCENTRATE and treat the screening every couple of weeks. This should slow down anything wanting in and the odorless Permethrin won’t be noticed.


I’ve heard great things about your products, and am hoping you can give me some advice on which products might be best for me. I’m interested in killing the mosquitoes that plague our backyard… my kids won’t play out there because there are so many and I can’t blame them.
We live on a double lot in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) that backs up to several hundred acres of woods. There is no stream or swamp that I know of or can see. We don’t have a pond, fountain or other water feature. We have a full basement, but they did add on to the house and the additions have a crawl space and a cement slab foundation.
I looked through the products that you offer, and I’m just not sure which would be best. Fogging seems effective, but we have so much woods, I’m wondering if it would really provide any relief or if more bugs would arrive after we fogged. The dunks and granules seem great, but we don’t have any standing water that I can see (we do have a garden and plenty of flower beds that I water). I’m most interested in the moquito pheromone trap and the bat houses, to be honest. I have 3 kids and a dog, and that seems the most inobtrusive way to get rid of the bugs…….. I don’t like putting sprays on the kids, particularly the 1-year-old.
Do you have any advice for me? Thanks so much for your time!

As explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, there is no need for water to be present in order for mosquitos to be active in any given area. There are many locations where they can thrive with no visible water around and in most any yard, such locations are available. That being said, to get control of the ones on your property will probably be best obtained by going with either the Spray or the Fogging options we have listed.

As for repellents; they don’t really do anything to the local population and are really only suggested as a way to keep them off pets and children when you travel. Clearly the use of insect repellent is not a “control” and when it comes to infestations on the property, it’s not something we recommend.

Since you are receptive to the concept of having bats control your local population, I would say the installation of a BAT HOUSE would be a great way to start. Since it takes some time to get the house conditioned so that bats will move in, it’s never too early to set some out.

To help keep the mosquitos minimized until the bats start helping, you might consider the ORGANIC MOSQUITO SPRAY we have listed. It’s very safe and will pose no hazard to people, pets or the environment. No special equipment is needed to do the work and I’m sure you’ll obtain adequate results so that you and your family can go outside and not be eaten alive.


I’d like some kind of organic mosquito control option. I see you have a bunch of sprays and foggers but anything organic?

In our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll find we have several options listed that are Organic. These sprays don’t last as long as the more traditional products but they will work. Certified for Organic Gardening, products like the MOSQUITO AND TICK KILLER RTS do a good job in the yard and can be applied pretty much on any plant. Use as needed and in season this will probably be every 1-2 weeks.

If you want to treat some vegetables or other garden pest, get something like MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER or the GARDEN DEFENSE WITH NEEM. These materials are OK for use on any garden plant and again, certified for Organic Gardens. Since many people don’t realize mosquitoes can breed on most any plant, they fail to treat all locations in the yard which in turn can lead to an ongoing infestation. Be sure to minimize moisture and treat all the shady protected areas if you want to knock out the local population.