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Good evening,

I am looking for a replacement mosquito repellant/barrier I can spray with my ortho dial a spray hose end.

My neighbor and I had Arrow exterminators spray both of our yards all last year with a mixture of “something” and it worked GREAT!! any idea what they use, and do you have something that will work equally, or better?

I am looking for about 30 days per application. Or there about, depending on rainfall

I do have a dog that spends sometime in the backyard who would be in contact with it, as well s a couple guinea pigs that feed on the grass periodically.

Thank you for your time


“bitten too many times in east atl village “

If you read through our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn we have a wide range of products that can be sprayed or fogged in the backyard. Several of these can be used in a HOSE END SPRAYER like the one you described above. The rule to follow here is based on the size of the yard involved and the amount of area you’d like to treat. Generally speaking, anything under 5,000 sq/ft is easy to “spray” with a hose end sprayer. Once you get over 5,000, it becomes more laborious and the method of misting and fogging should be considered. Not only does misting require less work, it will save time and money. As our article explains, misting uses a lot less chemical and over the course of season, the savings could be dramatic based on how much less chemical you’ll be using. More importantly, mist tends to cover and coat local vegetation in such a way that you’ll never be able to duplicate with via a liquid application.

Once you decide if you wish to use the hose end sprayer or one of the FOGGING MACHINES we have listed in our article, the next decision will be to choose a product that can be sprayed. One of the best is the BIFEN. It’s odorless, goes a long way and can last 2-4 weeks. I use it around my home every 2-3 weeks and it controls most everything including mosquitoes. Add to it some NYLAR (which controls the egg developing process) and you’ll find the length of residual activity to increase. I personally don’t use the Nylar I’m okay with treating more frequently. If you want the longest lasting applications, add it to the tank mix and you’ll get better results.

In summary, we sell what professional pest control operators use so whatever had been sprayed in your yard we can supply. When used properly, these products can be safely applied in and around the home without undue risk or hazard being presented to people or pets. And with the right equipment and products, you too can tackle your toughest pest problems including mosquitoes. Give us a call if you need further help or assistance. Our local number is 770-985-9392 and we’re open Mon-Fri.

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