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I live on a river in Jacksonville Florida and have been using a mosquito trap for mosquito control. The trap uses propane and bait to lure mosquitoes to meet their doom either stuck to fly paper or trapped by a small fan that sucks them into a death chamber. I have never tried fogging, so I wish to know which you recommend and why. Please advise and thanks.

If you read through our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we don’t even list mosquito traps. There are many reasons for this and here are just a few.

First, mosquito traps do not control local populations. No doubt they can catch some. Maybe even a lot. But you’ll still have mosquitoes throughout the property and in our experience, the mosquitoes caught do not impact the local population enough to make a difference.

Second, it only takes a few mosquitoes to ruin the day. One can bite several times and will no doubt do so once it finds food. Since using traps will leave a significantly higher population of mosquitoes on the property where they’re installed compared to fogging, there is simply not enough of a reduction to make a difference and in the end, the bites will continue.

Third, fogging is so effective, easy to do and way more practical, why wouldn’t you do it? In fact you can continue to use as many traps as you wish because the two can be used simultaneously. So if you love your mosquito trap but want to take out more local mosquitoes, keep it. Just realize that if you’re fogging properly, you won’t be finding nearly as many trapped and eventually, you will get to the point where you’re just not catching any. This is when you’ll know you’re fogging correctly because you really can eliminate mosquitoes from any normal sized, average home lot of land.

Lastly, since mosquitoes can breed in so many areas around most any home, it’s not possible to strategically locate enough traps for them to intercept every  mosquito that will fly on your property. In fact when you take this into consideration, what we find on most lots is that a single trap can really only affect 10-20 % of the areas where mosquitoes will live and breed. And if they have to pass by you to get to a trap, it won’t happen. They’ll stop first where they find people every time. This means in order to use traps effectively, you’ll need a bunch placed out working around the clock. Besides the inordinate cost, they’ll be a bit of an eyesore. Fogging will enable you to deal with any mosquito hot spot with immediate results and no unsightly devices littering the landscape.

If you haven’t read through our article, I suggest you take the time to review it in detail. We’ve got several sized foggers all of which can do the job and once you’re armed with the right piece of equipment, the mosquitoes that forage on your property won’t stand a chance.

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