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I own a 1.75 acre property with about .75 wooded wetlands bordering 200 acres of wooded wetlands. I use larvae control in all standing water around the house, two propane fired mosquito magnets and a Black Flag propane fogger. The fogger is the most effective but only lasts a day with the chemicals provided. I’m interested in the Permethrin Vegetable Plus with Nylar either in a form I can use with the fogger I have or with a delivery device you recommend.

First, I’m a bit concerned about the mosquito magnets you mention. I just know that based on where you’re located, I would be careful with where the mosquito magnets are located. I say this because over the years, we’ve found many customers using them when located close to large amounts of woodlands were actually attracting so many mosquitoes to their homes that the machines were not able to take care of them fast enough. The net result has been that yes, the machines were no doubt killing some but because of the numbers that were coming around and essentially “missing” the machines, not using the machines turned out to be a better strategy.

In other cases it was learned that placing them further away from the structure helped. This way they were essentially luring the biting pests away from where the home owners wanted to be hanging out. But the main point is that you need to remember if you have them out, they’re attracting a lot of biting pests and in so many cases where we’ve seen them used, they end up bringing around a lot of pests which become a nuisance and aren’t controlled well enough by the magnets so we want you to understand that they could in fact very well be making the problem “worse” compared to what you’d experience if you turn them off.

As for the products you’re thinking about using; no doubt the VEGETABLES PLUS PERMETHRIN and NYLAR would be good options. They can be mixed with water and applied as frequently as you want. And they’ll no doubt prove more effective and cost efficient compared to the solutions you must use in any propane fogger. I personally use BIFEN because it’s longer lasting and even more cost effective but it’s not labeled for use on any plant that’s edible so stick with the Vegetables Plus if you have edible plants on your property (like a vegetable garden or fruit trees).

As for the equipment? Forget the propane fogger. It’s just not strong enough. Go with the SOLO BACK PACK MISTER. It’s fast, strong and ideal for such treatments. I use it on my 1 acre lot and I go through 2-3 gallons to treat the entire area which I can do in 10 minutes because this machine is so efficient to use.

Lastly, if you find biting pests coming around within 2-3 days following a treatment with our products, turn off your magnets and stop using them. As I stated above, in most every case I’ve never seen where they can manage the populations they attract well enough to warrant their use when they’re employed around properties that can generate huge amounts of biting pests. So do keep this in mind  that they can often times attract much more than they can handle and that effectively causes more issues.

Now one way to find out if this is true is to simply turn them off. And once you do, it would not be surprising if you noticed a huge decrease in how many are coming around which should in turn enable you to get much better and longer lasting results with the fogging compounds.

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