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I live inside a golf course and we already have a misting system installed. I’m using pyrethrin from the beginning but I think it is too expensive with no residual effects at all. We have a big volume of mosquitoes and patio is almost unusable. I read the article about nylar and other options you recommend. Which is your recommendation for a good 55 gallon mix??? Misting can be setup to run daily as many times as desired with 5,10,20,30 seconds duration each. Thanks a lot!!

If you review our Mosquito Control article, you’ll see we mention products like Permethrin, Bifen, Pyrethrin, Nylar and ECO IC. All of these work well for regular spraying and for use in the portable fogging machines we list in our article.

Mosquito Control:

Now for automatic fogging systems, you’ll do best with either the Permethrin or the ECO MC. Here’s some details on these products.

Permethrin is similar to Pyrethrin in that it’s very safe to use. However, the big advantage of permethrin compared to pyrethrin is that permethrin will provide a residual. That means once the mist has dissipated and dried, the active will still be around working on nuisance pests like mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies, etc.

Permethrin SFR:

The ECO MC is an active that came out a few years ago which has proven to be very effective on flying insects. Specifically formulated for use in automated machines, you’ll need to add the MC and the Emulsifier to the tank. These are two separate products and can be seen here:


ECO Emulsifier:

Either option will prove more effective compared to straight pyrethrin alone. And since pyrethrin prices are so high right now, you’ll find either of these options more cost effective too.

One thing I feel I should mention is that when it comes to using automated machines, it’s important to use enough concentrate. We find many people not adding enough to their tank and this is critical or the treatments to work.

For example, if you were using nothing but straight pyrethrin, it would require a lot of concentrate to mix up a valid tank of solution that would work. So if you were using something like our 6% pyrethrin concentrate, you’d have to add 2 oz of the Exciter per gallon of water. That’s about 110 oz of Pyrethrin per 55 gallon tank.

6 % Pyrethrin:

Now if you have any questions on how to mix up the products I listed above, give us a call toll free at 1-800-877-7290 and one of our tech reps should be able to provide some answers based on your needs.