I’m exploring options for controlling mosquitoes around our home. We live on 3 acres of woods. We have a wetland behind the house that holds water thru mid summer. We have been using a mosquito magnet with some success, but i’m thinking i would like to use a fogger a few times a season to really knock them down. I’d like a recommendation please. Thanks. Erik

Based on the area you want to treat, I’d go with the BACK PACK FOGGER. These have been out of stock for awhile but we’re about to be receiving a big order. Ideally suited for 1/2+  acre lots, you’ll be both mobile and independent while using it. I use one for my 1 acre lot but have gone about treating various areas of my subdivision from time to time with the total area in the 2-3 acre range by the time I was through.

As for what to use in the mister; I say start with nothing but the BIFEN. It covers a wide range of pests and works great on flying insects. Plus it’s odorless and easy to mix up.

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We have a creek in our neighborhood where beavers have built a large damn. There are now some areas of pooled water that stand unless there has been a recent rain. We are concerned about mosquitoes becoming a problem and are looking for a solution that would be as friendly as possible to plant and animal life. Thanks so much for your help!

The best option for this scenario would be the BT DUNKS or BT GRANULES. This product uses naturally occuring bacteria which will kill off developing mosquito larvae. It’s safe enough to be used in most any water including a creek like you described and won’t impact the fish, birds or other wildlife.

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