I’ve got lots of standing water on my property and I’m hoping you’ve got something I can use to kill them before they become biting adults. My property has drainage ditches and several low points that don’t drain. With all this rain we’ve been getting I know they’ve been laying eggs in several of these pools because I can see them swimming around. The humidity has been so high I just don’t think the areas will dry out enough to kill them so I want to do something if I can. What can I use?

There are two or three products that can be applied to standing water which work well. It’s not clear how big of an area you want to treat but for small pools, the MOSQUITO DUNKS or MOSQUITO GRANULES would work well. Both use BT as the active and are considered to be organic so they’re very safe. They can actually be used in rain barrels used to collect drinking water.

There is also a chemical growth regulator that you can get in our METHOPRENE GRANULES. This is very effective and cost efficient too. Either product should help and we have other options listed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL article.


I have a small fish pond which most of the time doesn’t have any fish. It’s not that I don’t like fish; I have tried to keep them and for awhile I was doing quite well. The problem has been that some local animal seems to like them too. He has been sneaking into my yard and eating all the fish so for now, I’ve given up trying to keep any. I’ll probably try again but for now, I’m letting it go. That’s when I noticed another problem.

Since I don’t have any fish in the water, there are thousands of mosquito larvae swimming around and I’ve noticed a huge surge in the local population around my house. I know I can’t control all of them but I don’t think breeding them in this water is smart either. Is there something I can apply to the water that won’t poison it for the fish?

Mosquito larvacide comes in many forms. We have a natural form which won’t hurt fish, birds or anything and is quite easy to apply. Known as MOSQUITO DUNKS, this product is both easy to use and effective. You’ll need to apply some at least once a month but they do work and should be able to reduce the larvae quite a bit if not completely.

Alternatively you can opt for a growth regulator like ALTOSID METHOPRENE. These granules use a chemical which prevent the larvae from being able to grow completely so their growth cycle will be effectively shortened and no biting adults will ever emerge. This product is very easy to use and very effective.

Ultimately you might opt for one of the mosquito treatment options listed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL article if you wish to get rid of them in the yard. Since they can come from so many sources, it’s many times impossible to get them all when only treating one location. That being said, I highly recommend you start with this pond since it’s such a bad problem anyway.