mosquito repellent


I need some kind of mosquito repellent that I can use in a small back yard. I don’t want to spray, that’s just too much work for me. But if you have a liquid or granule that I can spread around as a repellent, I’d like to know if it works.

Mosquito repellent for the yard is available and will usually last 1-2 weeks depending on the local weather. The most common used is our MOSQUITO REPELLENT GRANULES. Simply sprinkle it out around the property edge to help keep them from foraging into your property. We have learned this product works best when applied to areas where they are not nesting or roosting. If the areas you want to repel mosquitoes from are really shady and moist, you’ll probably need to consider doing one of the control options listed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. But if you have a small open area which is only attracts mosquitoes when people are present, the Repellent Granules should really help keep them away.