I’d like some kind of organic mosquito control option. I see you have a bunch of sprays and foggers but anything organic?

In our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll find we have several options listed that are Organic. These sprays don’t last as long as the more traditional products but they will work. Certified for Organic Gardening, products like the MOSQUITO AND TICK KILLER RTS do a good job in the yard and can be applied pretty much on any plant. Use as needed and in season this will probably be every 1-2 weeks.

If you want to treat some vegetables or other garden pest, get something like MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER or the GARDEN DEFENSE WITH NEEM. These materials are OK for use on any garden plant and again, certified for Organic Gardens. Since many people don’t realize mosquitoes can breed on most any plant, they fail to treat all locations in the yard which in turn can lead to an ongoing infestation. Be sure to minimize moisture and treat all the shady protected areas if you want to knock out the local population.


I have a small yard with grass that seems to have a mosquito problem. I also have an organic garden right along side my yard and don’t want to use any pesticides so close. Do you have anything organic I can spray that won’t be toxic to my garden?

There are now several organic sprays you could use for such an area. The most popular would be the MOSQUITO KILLER RTS. It simply hooks to your garden hose, the turn dial is turned on and the water flowing through the hose will use the compound to treat the grass without you having to mix anything. Mosquito Killer uses Pyrethrin and Soap as the active and is NOP certified and compliant so it’s Ok for use around organic gardens. You should be able to keep any flying pest under control with this material. And be sure to check out our other organic products all of which can be seen at NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL.


I’m looking for some natural products I can use for controlling mosquitoes around my house. I keep an organic garden and don’t want to use anything synthetic or toxic. I’ve heard there are some new sprays which are all natural and safe and work well but I couldn’t find them on your side. Do you know of any or can you make any recommendations?

In recent years a few all natural products have come to market that do indeed work well for mosquitoes. Our biggest seller is the ECO IC. Made from plant extracts this product is safe to use around organic gardens and is highly effective on mosquitoes and other flying nuisance pests. Apply it with one of our Fogging Machines as explained in our Mosquito Control article and you should be able to get the desired results you want.