chiggers and mosquito infestation in yard


I have a serious chigger and mosquito infestation in my yard. I have a wet backyard (I’m going to get someone to regrade/install french drains). But do you have a recommendation for something I can apply? I have a small child. We like crickets and bunnies. We just don’t like biting insects. Is there any product you would recommend?

Chiggers are ground dwelling and don’t fly so it will be easy to get them; mosquitoes can be a little tougher to control because they can migrate over to your property from surrounding landscapes. That being said, mosquito control is possible as explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. In the ORGANIC MOSQUITO SECTION, you’ll see the MOSQUITO KILLER RTS product which is ideal for most any small yard. You’ll need to apply it once every week or so but it should work well on both these pests even though it won’t say chiggers on the label. It does say ticks and chiggers are closely related to ticks. The point is this one spray¬† solution would work well and it’s certified organic as explained in our sister site NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL.

If you wish to use something stronger, go with the CYONARAY RTS or the ESFENVALERATE CONCENTRATE. These products will last longer and probably only need to be applied 1-2 a month so over the course of the summer so they will be more efficient to use. And when used correctly, they won’t pose a hazard to your family, pets or the local environment.

Lastly, fogging would control both problems as well and if you have a large yard as explained in our Mosquito Control article, you might consider getting one to do the treatments. Fogging is the most effecient way to treat and is usually what we recommend when treating yards that are 7,500 sq/ft or larger. This doesn’t mean you have to fog if you have a large yard but based on the fact that this area is moist, fogging would be a big saver in both time and cost if the yard it large compared to spraying. That being said, any of the above listed methods can provide satisfactory results as long as you stick with the program. Good luck!

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