mosquito fogging


I live in a damp moist river bottom where mosquitoes seem to thrive. I’ve read that fogging for mosquitoes is quite effective and I’m thinking about getting a machine that can handle about 1/2 acre. Do I need to get the backpack fogger or will one of your electric models do the job?

This is really a matter of preference. No doubt one of our medium sized foggers like the FM6208 or the FM6309 would do the job. But you will have to drag the power cord around the yard as you work. I don’t know the lay of your land so it’s hard for me to judge if this will be a problem or not. Our BACKPACK FOGGER is much easier to use and over time would save time and energy so it might be worth the extra start up costs. We have other models which can be seen in our MOSQUITO FOGGING CONROL page.

Fogging for mosquitoes is an effective way to control local populations. I have learned that once they’re under control I only have to fog every 10-14 days and if it remains dry like it’s been in the Southeast for the past two years, I can go 3 weeks in between treatments. Besides saving a lot of time, I’m able to treat the same area with a lot less chemical so in the long run, fogging is a good way to treat your home for most any pest.

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