can mosquitoes live in grass?


It seems like there are a lot of mosquitoes nesting in my grass. I water it a lot since I use well water and I notice when I go out there mosquitoes are everywhere. I thought they need water like a pond or lake to breed but now I’m thinking they might be living in the grass. Is this possible?

Absolutely. There are several mosquitoes that commonly lay eggs above lakes or ponds. There are others that lay eggs on the ground. The key is that most all do need some amount of water but the amount produced by watering your grass just once a week could be enough. If you are watering 2 or more times a week, there definitely is enough to allow several of the species listed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE to both live and reproduce in your grass.

If you suspect this is the problem area, you’ll need to either spray or fog as explained in our article to get the infestation under control. Mosquitoes breeding in these open areas can be controlled with the right coverage so be sure to treat all your grass and mulch in order to reach their nests. MOSQUITO SPRAYING can be done efficiently if the yard is fairly small. For any yard 1/2 acre or larger, you’ll do a much better job doing some MOSQUITO FOGGING. It just uses chemicals more efficiently and over time will save both time and money. That being said, both options are very productive on mosquitoes.

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