how to control mosquitoes


The mosquitoes around my house have gotten so bad I need to do something. I’d like to know how to control mosquitoes using a fogger. There is a guy three houses down that walks around his yard with a little sprayer that seems to be emitting a fog. Do you have something like this and what do I use in it?

There are many ways to control mosquitoes around the house as explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. The real key is identifying what system works best for you. In some cases simply spraying will work but fogging is actually the best method overall. It just does a great job of covering all the key locations mosquitoes like to hide and breed and since the machine uses chemical so efficiently, you’re able to get a large area covered with little to no chemical when treating properly.

As for which fogger will be best for you; that will largely depend on your property. After reading our Mosquito article, you should be able to figure out which unit will treat your yard most efficiently. Clearly the FM6208 or FM6309 are good choices but we have units that are both smaller and larger as needed. I personally use the BIFEN CONCENTRATE and nothing else but I don’t have much of a problem to speak of. If you have an established population now, you may want to add some of the NYLAR GROWTH REGULATOR to the tank mix to help break their cycle that much faster.

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