fogmaster 6309 for mosquitoes


I am interested in the Fogmaster 6309 Fogger. I have a very bad gnat/mosquito problem. I have a very, very large area of mulch that they are probably nesting in. Is the fogmaster 6309 right for me and do you sell the insecticide (pyrethene??) for it. Also, is it legal in NJ.

Thanks, T.

The FM6309 is one of my favorite foggers for yards 1/2 acre or less. It’s fast, powerful and ideally suited for most any pest control need involving a liquid application. You’ll see we feature it in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE as well and it’s one of our biggest sellers.

The chemicals you should use with the fogger can be seen on our MOSQUITO PRODUCTS page and since we’d be shipping to NJ, I recommend the EXCITER and the PERMETHRIN 10. These will work fine and treatments should last 10-14 days for sure.

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