mosquito fogging machine


I need a small mosquito fogging machine for my yard. I used to have a little propane unit that worked ok but it was weak and required special chemical. Do you have one that will let me mix my own so I don’t have to buy anything special? my yard is about 3000 square feet rectangle with some bushes on one side where I think they are nesting.

We have several MOSQUITO FOGGING MACHINE options that can handle a small yard. The most common is our FM MINI FOGGER. It can handle a small yard of 5,000 sq/ft no problem. And it has a small tank on it where you can place whatever chemical you want to use. We have several concentrates which work in these foggers which you can see in our MOSQUITO FOGGER CHEMICAL section. Larger models are available as well along with some other control methods all of which are detailed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE.

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