mosquito in house


I have seen one mosquito in my house for the past week and I think it has been feeding on my kid. She keeps getting these little bites on her arms and legs at night. What can I use inside the home that’s safe? anything organic?

A single mosquito in your house could bite a few times but this would probably only happen over a 1-2 day period. Once it got a blood meal, it would look to reproduce and typically won’t bite over and over for a week or more. I suspect there may be either a source inside the home where they are reproducing already and new ones are currently active. Alternatively, you may have new ones coming inside which is common during the warm summer months.

I suggest you review our online mosquito control article which will list several control options for this persistent pest. The most common product used inside is the aerosol PT-565 which is both highly active on them and safe to use inside. This could be used in vacant rooms every night, as everyone is going to bed, and should kill off the ones that are hatched and active.

An ORGANIC MOSQUITO CONTROL option would be the ORGANIC FLYING INSECT KILLER. This could be used safely where people are active. Though neither aerosol will provide long term control, they would easily take care of any that are flying around the home inside and can provide quick and easy control for the occasional inside nuisance mosquito.

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