mosquito insect repellent


The mosquito repellent I’ve been using isn’t working anymore. Deet used to be good but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to stop these guys from landing on me and sucking some blood. Do¬† you have anything different I might try? I like to work in my organic garden without being attacked but this year is really bad and I need some relief.

Mosquito repellent comes in many forms. We have found the MOSQUITO 100% DEET works well as does the MOSQUITO CITRONELLA LOTION. We also have the MOSQUITO REPELLENT WITH SUNBLOCK option is good for when you expect to be out in direct sunlight where mosquitoes are active. This seems to be a good product for regions of the United States like the Southeast where Asian Tiger mosquitoes come out during the day.

Additionally, we have many mosquito repellents that can be used around the yard to help keep them off your property all of which can be seen in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. These mosquito repellents can offer some relief by chasing them away from your property before they ever arrive.

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