mosquito live in lawn


I’ve been seeing mosquitoes in my lawn and it looks like they’re nesting in the grass. Is this possible? I do water the lawn every other night but i thought they needed water to breed?

They do need water to breed but it doesn’t have to be standing water like a lake or pond. In fact, the water which accumulates in the lawn following a good rain or water sprinkle cycle can many times be enough to make them happy. First they’ll move in for shelter and if the good conditions persist, they’ll start reproducing for sure.

Mosquito lawn treatment is easy since the area is wide open and usually accessible. We’ve got many methods detailed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE including liquid spraying and fogging. ESFENVALERATE works well, is easy to apply and covers a large area. If you prefer something organic, go with the MOSQUITO KILLER RTS. It won’t last as long as the Esfenvalerate but it does work and it comes with it’s own hose end sprayer. Be sure to treat any ground cover which may be harboring mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes will flock to anything moist and many species only need a drop of water to survive so there are a lot of plants which can serve as fertile areas for them to reproduce.

If you have a large area to treat, you’ll find one of the Fogging solutions mentioned in our artilce will prove to be more effective and efficient for lawn treating. In the long run, you’ll use a lot less chemical and save a bunch of time as well. Fogging will work on the structure, in the lawn or on any plant growth as well.

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