mosquitoes in the lawn


I’ve noticed some big mosquitoes in my lawn and would like to do some spraying. I’ve also read about fogging which seems to be better. What do you recommend?

If you have a small lawn and don’t mind dragging a hose around each time you have to spray, using a product like CYONARA RTS or the organic counterpart MOSQUITO KILLER RTS are both good choices. They’re good for lawns which are smaller than 5000 sq/ft and should be applied weekly for the organic option; once every two weeks for the CYONARA. We also have the ESFENVALERATE CONCENTRATE which will go a lot further and prove to be more economical to apply but you will need to get one of our HOSE END SPRAYERS.

Alternatively, you could decide to fog. Using a fogger for controlling mosquitoes in the lawn would be easy to do but where the fogger really pays off is when you need to treat heavy or dense vegetation. This is explained well in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. Such areas are prone to major infestations and are nearly impossible to effectively treat with a spray. Our line of FOGGERS are both easy to use and extremely effective. The end result when fogging is usually a time and chemical savings so in the long run, the equipment will pay for itself.

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