moquitos in yard


What do you have that I can use to control mosquitoes in my yard? We have a large deck we like to hang out on during the end of the day and lately the mosquitoes have been taking over. Within 3-4 minutes my wife gets bit then my daughter. They don’t seem to bother me for 15 minutes or so but this year even i have been attacked. I’ve got around 8,000 square ft of grass I keep cut low but I do water it all the time. I bet the water is attracting the mosquitoes but I don’t care. I just want something to spray.

Mosquitoes will definitely take advantage of yards that have moisture. This is especially true during the summer when it gets hot and dry. If it’s been dry and you’re watering the grass, chances are high there will be several types of bugs coming around looking to start living in your grass. The bottom line is that mosquitoes love moist, shady locations and most yards in urban America offer this exact environment.

To start, you should review our online MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE which will explain all you need to know about mosquitoes. In the article you’ll learn about mosquito spray like CYONARA RTS and ESFENVALERATE. Both of these products are good for spraying and based on the size of your yard, you could conceivably use them efficiently. However, over time you may find the time and chemical used is bit more than you’d like. As a general rule, we feel one of our MOSQUITO FOGGERS are best suited for people trying to treat yards that are in excess of 5,000 sq/ft. It will cost more initialy but over time you’ll be saving on both chemical consumption and time needed to spray so we’re sure you’ll love using any one of the foggers we have listed on the site.

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