natural mosquito control yard


I’d like to know what you recommend as a natural mosquito control for our yard. I have a log cabin in the mountains we like to visit in the summer and fall but the mosquito population is out of control. Is there some kind of plant or animals that eat mosquitoes? i don’t feel like spraying when we’re there on vacation so something low maintenance is what we’d consider.

Natural mosquito control can be accomplished by keeping shade and moisture levels minimized as explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. But if you reside in a moist region which has significant rainfall, it’s not likely that mechanical control done on the property will have a profound impact. For such properties it might be better to consider another option.

A natural mosquito control option that we’ve found works well is the impact a local bat can have. Since bats love to eat mosquitoes, getting them to forage on your property can many times have a big impact. But getting them to forage on your land can be tough. One way¬† to increase the chance of this happening is to install some bat houses. Start with a SMALL CEDAR BAT HOUSE if you’re unsure any are around. But since bats exist in all lower 48 States of America, it’s likely they are somewhere close. Our MEDIUM BAT HOUSES can house 50-100 bats and our BAT HOUSE CONDO can fit hundreds. Since getting them to move in can take a year or two, don’t expect results overnight. But once they find the house, it’s likely they’ll come back year after year providing perfectly natural and safe mosquito control.

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