organic mosquito remedy


I have an organic garden that is doing well. I don’t spray it with anything but instead have been hand picking off destructive pests. So far this is working but I can’t seem to stop the mosquito population using this method. Do you have anything I can spray around my vegetables that might help? Some kind of organic remedy?

We have several organic sprays that can be used for mosquito problems around your garden. The most effective is the ORGANIC MOSQUITO KILLER RTS . This spray comes in a ready-to-spray container that is simply hooked to your garden hose and ready to work. It’s great for all kinds of landscaping, grass and plants and the only thing I wouldn’t recommend it for would be the vegetables themselves.

For the organic vegetables, use either the GARDEN DEFENSE w/NEEM or the 3 IN ONE CONCENTRATE. Both work well, can be sprayed right on vegetables up to the day of harvest and will work on most any insect including the mosquito. One last option to consider is the HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER. It can be sprayed directly on any plant (organic vegetables too) and will provide quick control of common pests like the mosquito.

More information on how to best use all these products can be seen in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE where other options are explained in great detail. And remember, when done properly none of these treatments pose any danger or risk to people or pets as long as you follow the PRODUCT SAFETY GUIDELINES we have posted.

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