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I live on Long Island and have a canal in my backyard. Lately the Mosquitos have been so unbearable that I’ve had to abandon going outside without getting bitten. I’ve been using candles and deep woods off but was wondering if you had any other suggestions to rid these terrible insects. Anything you can provide would be a great help. Thank you!

I’d abandon the repellents and go for a real control treatment regime based on where you live and the fact that repellents aren’t really “controlling” anything. We have several very effective treatments listed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE but based on where you live, most of our traditional products can’t be used. But don’t fret; we do have one very effective option that can control mosquitoes and I believe it is the answer for your situation.

And what I mean by your “situation” is that when trying to spray anything around water, there is usually a big limit on what you can apply safely in such an environment. For mosquito treatments which are close to or adjacent to water like ponds, lakes, streams, canals, etc., there is only a couple of concentrates safe enough to be applied. One of my favorites is known as ESSENTRIA IC.  This product is actually federally exempt from needing to be registered because it’s made primarily from food grade actives. These actives have long been known to work on various pests and because they’re made from safe to use actives, they enjoy a label that allows them to be applied most anywhere.

You’ll need a good fogging machine to apply the Essentria and which one you get should be large enough to handle the amount of property you need to treat. We have several electric units that can handle up to 1 acre effeciently and two popular models include the FOGMASTER JUNIOR and the FOGMASTER 6309. I live on a largely wooded lot that’s about 1 acre and prefer to go “cordless” so I use the BACK PACK MISTER. Any of these units can do the job and based on what I know about the lot size on most long island homes, I’m guessing you have less than an acre to treat. If that’s the case, all of these models should work fine.

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