mosquito spray for yard


I want to do some mosquito spraying and was wondering what you’d recommend. It’s a small area, about 2500 square feet so I don’t think I need a lot of spray but something that will last more than a day wold be nice.

If you read through our Mosquito Control article you’ll see that we have products that can be sprayed as well as fogged in the yard. Generally spraying should be limited to small yards. We consider a yard smaller than 3000 sq/ft to be small so I’m pretty sure spraying would be an option for you. Most people should consider getting a fogger when yards are 5000 sq/ft or more but I think you’ll be able to get good results by spraying alone.

In our article you’ll see we have Esfenvalerate which can be applied in a Hose End Sprayer making it easy to apply and use throughout mosquito season. Add some Nylar to the mix if you want the treatments to last a little longer. Generally these treatments will last 1-2 weeks but with the Nylar, they could last a month or two. The key will be getting good coverage and treating once a week for 2-3 weeks to insure you break their cycle. Once this cycle is broken keeping them under control will require a lot less treating and should be manageable.

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