We have a bad problem with tiger mosquitoes in our yard and my kids are getting bites on the legs. What do you recommend I can put on them to treat the sore?

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are active most of the day and can be a nuisance. Their bite not only itches but it can swell and be uncomfortable even if it’s not itchy. We have two ointments that we’ve found have worked well over the years at treating mosquito bites. The STING RELIEF SWABS are the preferred option for adults but they work great on anyone. STINGER STOPPER seems to be more acceptable by kids. It’s distinct yellow color seems to make them more tolerant of having it applied and less likely that they’ll rub it off since it’s highly visible. Both do a great job at relieving the discomfort.

Ultimately, you should consider doing some mosquito control around the property to reduce local numbers. We have several ways to treat this pest which are very effective and carefully explained in our on line MOSQUITO CONTROL article.