black flies



I have 2 acres next to a slow stream that gives me black flies during the day and mosquitos at night.

They can be extreme….we are talking suffocating farm animals bad.
We have a 5yr old and a 2.5 yr old that we would like to keep for awhile and there is a real potential for them to be carried off 😉

We use about 3/4 of an acre of immediate lawn around the house 90% of the time the rest is avoided due to proximity to the stream.

I would any info/recommendations you may have for this type of application?

Clearly your property is in need of a regular fogging program that encompasses at least 1 of the acres you own. Though this could be done with  an electric fogger, the better choice would be our BACK PACK MISTER. It’s larger capacity and portability would enable you to do the job quickly and effectively. I’m pretty sure weekly treatments would keep these biting pests under control and once you knock them down, you may be able to cut back to treating every 10-14 days.

As explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, flying pests are able to rebound faster than crawling insects so more treatments are needed throughout their active season. But a combination of the BIFEN and NYLAR will control any biting pests like black flies, no seeums, mosquitoes and midges as long as you stay with the program.

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