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I’m looking for something I can spray around a damp and shady area on the back side of my house that’s non-toxic but will kill mosquitoes. They get really bad where we like to sit and the citronella candles don’t seem to do much anymore. Is there anything I can use that won’t poison my yard or family?

First of all, any of the products we have listed in our MOSQUITO CONTROL article won’t poison people or the yard if used correctly. There is no need to over apply them and since mosquitoes are easy to kill, little product is needed so you can get control without putting undue risk to anyone or animal in the area.

Secondly, in this same article you’ll see we have ECO IC listed which is an all natural, food derivative concentrate that can be sprayed on anything and providing good control for various pests including mosquitoes. You can apply it as a liquid using a SPRAYER or one of the FOGGERS listed in the article. For small areas, spraying it once a week will keep them under control. Fogging is better suited if you have 2500 sq/ft or more and want to use less chemical and time over the course of a summer when treating a lot.

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