What would be the best product to spray mosquitoes that seem to be nesting in mulch? I have 6 flower beds around my house and like to water them 2-3 times a week. The other day I noticed when I got close to one it was alive with mosquitoes that seem to come up out of the pine straw mulch I use. When I moved some of it I could tell the ground was soaking wet and they seem to like the shade and moisture. I don’t want to spray anything that might hurt my impatience, daylilys or iris flowers which are so healthy this year. The problem is when I get close to them the mosquitoes attack!!!

Water is very much needed by mosquitoes and they can find it where many times people don’t realize it’s even present. One would think watering the flower bed would mean the soil gets wet and that all the water would soak down to the dirt making it impossible for insects like mosquitoes to use such areas for reproduction. In fact there are several species of mosquitoes that can live in mulch as explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. All it takes is a little for them to be attracted and they instinctively know if it’s moist enough for them to lay eggs or not. And even if the wet area dries, the eggs will simply lay dormant till they get enough moisture to complete their cycle at some point in the future so once such locations are discovered, they can become a regular mosquito factory if left untreated.

If the area is small, you could spray it with some CYONARA RTS for quick control. This ready-to-spray product is odorless and quite effective on mosquitoes. It covers a large area, is odorless and even labeled for use on vegetable gardens so it’s safe for your flowers too. Cyonara is ideal for small areas like flower beds and since it can be sprayed virtually anywhere, a good choice to make.

If you want to go completely organic, use the MOSQUITO KILLER RTS. It won’t be as long lasting as the Cyonara but it’s amongst the safest products we sell labeled for use on vegetable gardens with little to no long term residual. Both products are highly effective on mosquitoes and will quickly kill off any in the mulch following the treatment. With the Cyonara, you’ll find you an go a good 1-2 weeks without needing to spray again. With the Mosquito Killer expect to treat 2-3 times a week in season.

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