I have read your amazing site and it seems you have all bases covered if I want to treat for mosquitos. Problem is I can’t decide what would be best for me!! Is there a simple answer for someone that has .5 to .75 of an acre? About half the yard is open and the other half is filled with ground cover like ivy and shrubs. I know I won’t be able to control all the mosquitos in the neighborhood but if I can just be able to go outside and not get eaten (or my dogs for that matter) I would be happy. Any help here would be appreciated.

Sorry for the confusion; there are a lot of options and it just gets more confusing all the time with new products coming and going. Fortunately for our customers we do all the “leg work” to find out which ones are best suited for their situation. Based on the information you sent us listed above, here is what I would recommend.

I have a yard similar to what you’re describing. I use the BACK PACK FOGGER with nothing but BIFEN in it and I only have to fog once every 2 weeks. It controls everything from mosquitos to ants to roaches to gnats. I could probably treat even less frequently but because we’ve been getting so much rain (and I live on a big river), there is a lot of bug pressure so I don’t want to give them a chance to get established. Over the years twice a month applications seem to keep them at bay whether it’s dry or wet so that’s the routine I stick to and I never have a problem.

Do you have to get a Back Pack Fogger to do this work? Definitely not. For me, it just saves so much time and works so well, it has paid for itself over the years for sure. It only takes me 10-12 minutes to do the entire property and I’m even spraying every side of my house which is almost 50 feet tall in some areas. The point I’m making is that I’m able to walk freely, misting and blowing my yard clean, as I treat it for all kinds of bugs. One of our ELECTRIC FOGGERS would do the same thing but it would take longer for you to get the job done. Spraying would take even longer and over time, you’d probably not keep it up like you will fogging. Additionally, the foggers use almost half as much chemical and get so much better coverage that again, you’ll get better results with less effort and chemical.

One other thing worth mentioning. In the past year, we started selling a food grade fogging compound known as ECO IC which has turned out to work quite well too. It won’t last as long and I’m not sure you’ll be able to go 2 weeks between treatments but we have been selling it for two years and it works for sure. If you are at all hesitant about using the Bifen, the ECO would be a great alternative option that does in fact work well. Hope this helps!