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Hi, Y’all.
I’ve read through your site, and many others.  I see that mosquitoes lay eggs/larvae in fall, and they can last through the winter.
I live in South Texas – sometimes dry, sometimes wet.  I am wondering if I treat [I currently use Cutter backyard which I attach to my hose] several times in the fall and winter if that will reduce the mosquitoes in the spring?
Thanks for any tips you can give me.  I don’t like applying the repellent to my skin all spring/summer & fall, and mosquitoes ring the dinner bell when I step outside after 5 or so pm.

If you read through our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see the product NYLAR GROWTH REGULATOR is mentioned. This product is a juvenile growth hormone and when applied to the landscape where eggs and larvae of insects are thought to be lying, it will effectively prevent them from developing to adults. This would be the best product to use in the yard now and in fact can last upwards of 6 months. No doubt applications can stave off future infestations and if done in the fall, spring and summer, most local populations can be effectively controlled.

At this time I would say to add some to the treatments you’re now doing and over time, I’m sure you’ll find the problem won’t start up nearly as soon nor will it be as persistent throughout the year.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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