mosquito control in yard


I’ve heard great things about your products, and am hoping you can give me some advice on which products might be best for me. I’m interested in killing the mosquitoes that plague our backyard… my kids won’t play out there because there are so many and I can’t blame them.
We live on a double lot in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) that backs up to several hundred acres of woods. There is no stream or swamp that I know of or can see. We don’t have a pond, fountain or other water feature. We have a full basement, but they did add on to the house and the additions have a crawl space and a cement slab foundation.
I looked through the products that you offer, and I’m just not sure which would be best. Fogging seems effective, but we have so much woods, I’m wondering if it would really provide any relief or if more bugs would arrive after we fogged. The dunks and granules seem great, but we don’t have any standing water that I can see (we do have a garden and plenty of flower beds that I water). I’m most interested in the moquito pheromone trap and the bat houses, to be honest. I have 3 kids and a dog, and that seems the most inobtrusive way to get rid of the bugs…….. I don’t like putting sprays on the kids, particularly the 1-year-old.
Do you have any advice for me? Thanks so much for your time!

As explained in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE, there is no need for water to be present in order for mosquitos to be active in any given area. There are many locations where they can thrive with no visible water around and in most any yard, such locations are available. That being said, to get control of the ones on your property will probably be best obtained by going with either the Spray or the Fogging options we have listed.

As for repellents; they don’t really do anything to the local population and are really only suggested as a way to keep them off pets and children when you travel. Clearly the use of insect repellent is not a “control” and when it comes to infestations on the property, it’s not something we recommend.

Since you are receptive to the concept of having bats control your local population, I would say the installation of a BAT HOUSE would be a great way to start. Since it takes some time to get the house conditioned so that bats will move in, it’s never too early to set some out.

To help keep the mosquitos minimized until the bats start helping, you might consider the ORGANIC MOSQUITO SPRAY we have listed. It’s very safe and will pose no hazard to people, pets or the environment. No special equipment is needed to do the work and I’m sure you’ll obtain adequate results so that you and your family can go outside and not be eaten alive.

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